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Posted by Gin on January 23, 2008

1. I am wearing some slinky, seamless panties today, since I am wearing for-real grownup dress pants to work, and am combating the dreaded VPL. An unfortunate side effect to these panties in connection with these particular pants is that said panties have a tendency to slowly slip down my ass over extended periods of walking. I have no idea why this is – the panties are new and have plenty of elasticity, and they don’t do this with other pants. Stupid panties. Panties panties panties.

2. There is a good 200-yd. walk between the parking lot I have to use and the building I work in – close parking is reserved for bigwigs and people who get to work at 6:30 in the morning so they can get the 8 highly vied-for “civilian” spots in the close parking lot.
What seems to happen to me all the fucking time is that I get caught walking next to a manager or some higher-up that does not know me very well, and insists on making small talk with me over the course of this walk.
I should also mention that I am a dumbass and always end up trying to carry too much in each morning; my purse, a giant umbrella (stupid rainy season), my lunch, my coffee, and maybe some papers so I look important.

The planets aligned just right (or wrong) this morning, and I ended up having to make said trek across the parking lot with a former superior, aware that my underwear was slowly creeping down my ass, concentrating on not dropping all of my crap, and trying to carry on a stupid “So how was your weekend? This cold and rain is so awful. Are you enjoying your new position?” bullshit small talk.



2 Responses to “Awkward”

  1. I’m sorry, but I have to ask…why not wear a thong???

  2. Gin said

    I still own a couple of thongs, but I feel too old (yes, at 25) for them anymore.I am in and out of my chair a lot, and have a hard time sitting still, so they always ride up and chafe in a most unpleasant way – it’s not worth having my junk irritated over.

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