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Posted by Gin on April 16, 2008

I’ve had a really hard time getting out of bed lately. I set my alarm nice and early, in hopes that I can get a head start on the traffic, get a great parking spot, and get a lot accomplished in the quiet morning hours here at work, and it is…just not happening.

Not only am I getting out of bed later, but I keep dawdling while I’m getting ready – This pair of pants? Hmmm…wait, nope, too much booty for these. But now I need different shoes…and I really don’t like this shirt with them – and then HOLY SHIT IT’S 7:15!!!

So I rush off to work, and magically, my MP3 player senses my stress, and delivers the best, most rockin’ mix of music. It’s like it’s saying, “Hey. Go get ‘em, tiger.”

I love it when that happens. I’m in traffic, stuck at an intersection as a light goes through its third cycle and I’m still not moving, but no stress, I’m grooving…and hey, I like the way you move, Bog Boi. And Miss Benatar, we do belong together. And maybe it’s not Friday, but I am in love, so I’ll play along, Robert Smith. And no, I can’t go for that either, Mr.’s Hall and Oates.

And suddenly, I’m at work, strolling through the parking lot, coffee in hand, and it’s gonna be a good day.


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