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Posted by Gin on November 6, 2008

Two weeks from today, at 7 p.m., J and I will celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. And just as I have done every November for the past three years, I am panicked and at a loss for what to give him as a gift to show him just how much I love the thought of washing his underwear for the rest of my life. Apparently the traditional gift for the four-year mark is fruit or flowers; the “modern” gift is an appliance. Nothing says thoughtful and romantic like a blender or a Salad Shooter (though I would probably set the feminist movement back 20 years by how excited I would get if I received a Dyson). Last year, my homeboy The Electric Monk suggested a remote control toy – I bought J a helicopter, and it went over like gangbusters. I am open to anything, though I am under time constraints, and also have a budget of ~$150.

So now I turn to you, dear readers – What should I get my greasemonkey hubby?


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  1. My friend LushEss just bought a pink, electric “rabbit” toy for her bedroom. Although, she and her husband are separated, and, oh, scratch that. Never mind…

  2. Megan said

    Don’t all men like video gaming components?

  3. Gin said

    You’d think so. But between the two of us, I’m the one gunning for a Wii, so if I handed over the console and the Rock Band set with a big bow around it – “Surprise! I love you! Now prepare for me to kick your ass!” – it might come across as a little self-serving. Because I would TOTALLY waste him.

  4. zakary said

    I bought my husband a Wii for his birthday last year and Zoe and I play it all the time. He’s really good at baseball though.We didn’t exchange anniversary gifts this year, too busy and I was sick as a dag. We went out to dinner. I am absolutely no help. Sorry.

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