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Posted by Gin on May 17, 2010

Sooo, yay for a successful launch on Friday! If you feel so inclined, you can follow along the STS-132 mission here or here. My boys!

Since the shuttle launched on time (one more WOOT! in here for good measure), we had 3 whole days ahead of us to do a lot of N. O. T. H. I. N. G. We have not had this kind of vacation since…uh, our honeymoon 5 1/2 years ago? Wow, we really needed this. We slept in Saturday, had a nice late breakfast, and hit the beach that afternoon. We diligently slathered up with waterproof SPF 30 – we are to Ultracrackers (John’s phrase, hee!) – and swam in the gorgeous warm water and lazed on the beach for about 3 hours. We had an awesome dinner at a local Brazilian steakhouse – awesome food, great wine, some nice live bossa/jazz, excellent conversation – and were in bed early last night.
Cue to this morning – I wake up, stumble to the bathroon, see my naked arms in the mirror, and instinctively shield my eyes from the flaming red flesh before me. HOLY SHIT. I take a shower, gingerly – but isn’t there some kind of Thing about a hot shower taking the sting out of a burn? BULLSHIT, btw. – and when i get out, John is just stirring. He pulls the sheet off of his chest, and OH MY GOD.
J: (loud moaning)\
G: “Are you okay?”
G: “HAHAHAH-aw…”
We spent most of the day skulking in the dark, staying in the room, and when we did venture out, we avoided sunlight like effing vampires. Who is so stupid as to get a horrible sunburn the FIRST FULL DAY of their vacation? We are. SO DUMB.
When we were here last year and spent an entire day on the beach, we came home with nary a tan line. This time, we are FUH-RIED..
Our dreams of a day at Universal Studios and trying parasailing are (possibly, probably) dashed, as we bitch and moan at putting a shirt on, much less strapping ourselves into some life-endangering contraption and flying around or some such thing.
But! My boys launched safely and on time, so I shouldn’t complain much…but I will.

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These are my boys.

Posted by Gin on May 10, 2010

And they launch this Friday, May 14 at 2:20 p.m. EDT. And I will be there.


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