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Posted by Gin on May 9, 2011

A list of the contents of my bag*, as of 8 o’clock this morning:

1 receipt for new reading glasses

1 receipt from Ikea

1 recipe for Chicken Fried Rice, from my friend Erin (available upon request)

1 401k statement that I have been meaning to take to our financial planner for like 3 weeks

4 different kinds of OTC nasal spray

1 receipt from hair salon

1 receipt for John’s mom’s Mother’s Day gift

4 grocery receipts

2 receipts from locally-owned farmer’s market

1 current grocery list, plus coupons

4 old grocery lists (one with the word “Zanzibar!” at the top, because I saw that on the back of an RV [we were coming back from out of town when I made the list], and I thought that would be an awesome pet name, complete with Exclamation Point!)

2 lists of Shit I Have To Do

1 shopping list of Jamie’s from when I visited her a month ago (“squirt bottles & spray paint”)

3 different kinds of Burt’s Bees lip balm

2 different pair of reading glasses

1 pair sunglasses

1 wallet

1 bottle estrogen pills

1 travel umbrella (black w/ white polka dots)

1 unopened pack Orbit Wintermint gum

1 tomato red Moleskin planner

1 cute multicolor-striped pen that goes with said planner

1 cute orange leather zip pouch (that Jamie gave me) with assorted OTC pills

1 multipack of Post-It notes

1 cell phone

1 Japonesque travel eyelash curler (pink, for Breast Cancer Awareness) (I would not have  bought a PINK one, because I detest pink, except that I’d lost my original black one and was desperate, until I found the black one in the bottom of my makeup bag upon bringing home the new one)

1 set keys

1 tube Too Faced Lash Injection mascara (the best ever, says the girl that lives in humid as hell Southeast Texas)

1 small notepad with “I’M SO SMART” in large font across the front, from the clearance bin at Old Navy

1 bottle Aleve

1 compact Makeup Forever Duo Mat powder foundation in shade 201

1 pill box with decorative bluebird on the lid

1 pair nail clippers

1 pair Tweezerman travel size tweezers, black with pink and white polkda dots (the best ever)

1 tube Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (it really *does* look good on everyone)

1 medical bill that is actually already paid off, so SUCK IT

*I’m not even going to get into the SIDEpockets, because GOD, ENOUGH


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Posted by Gin on May 5, 2011

Sometimes I find funny little pictures when stumbling through the internets.

I see something that amuses me for some reason or another, and save it.

But what to do with them?

So I made a file labeled “Awesome’, and have been keeping them in there.

And then I forgot about it.

And then I stumbled across it again, and now they are my slideshow screensaver.

Except that means I hardly ever see them, unless I sit at my desk and wait for the screensaver, like an idiot.

Which isn’t to say that I don’t actually do that.

John sent me this one - I love Eleanor Powell.

And yes, I know I could change my settings, but I’m too lazy for that – it’s much easier to just sit and zone out until the screensaver picks up. So.

And this is one is just John in our kitchen holding a giant inflatable jalapeno - I just love the ridiculous face he's making.

Anyway, thank you, that is all.

P.S.  Feel free to send me amusing pictures, but please, not the naked kind.

P.P.S. If this is your picture, and you think I am scamming you because I didn’t give you credit, I’M NOT, I’m just lazy and do not keep up with my sources, GOD, GET OVER IT ALREADY.

P.P.P.S. If the picture is a naked one, but is still really awesome, I guess you could still send it to me, if you really wanted to. 

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Posted by Gin on May 3, 2011

Bananahammock Underwear Burglar

[15:01] People posting birthday tributes to their dead grandfathers = creepy.

[15:01] Wherever your grandfather is, HE’S PROBABLY NOT CHECKING FACEBOOK.


[15:06] Concur.

[15:11] It would be awful and hilarious to open up a fake account in his name, and reply to her, Thanks, sugarplum! or whatever

Bananahammock Underwear Burglar

[15:12] “Kinda hot here!”


[15:12] “Sorry, gotta run, Jesus is at the door – we’re going out tonight for wings and beer for my birthday!”

Bananahammock Underwear Burglar

[15:12] LOL in [meeting].


[15:13] YES!

[15:14] “Grandpa” is at “Wings and Brews” with “Jesus” and 12 others

Bananahammock Underwear Burglar

[15:16] 11


[15:16] LOL

[15:16] Right

[15:16] My bad

Bananahammock Underwear Burglar

[15:16] Actually, they replaced Judas later, so it would be 12.


[15:16] This is totally getting posted

Bananahammock Underwear Burglar

[15:17] Oh, man.


[15:17] I’ll see you in hell, sir.

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