Butter On My Sweet Potato

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Posted by Gin on July 14, 2011

[14:23] Sooo, like…yeah.
[14:23] I mean, right?

Beret-wearing French Surrender-Monkey
[14:23] Totally 

[14:23] Seriously. 

Beret-wearing French Surrender-Monkey
[14:23] I mean, sure, but, come on. 

[14:24] I KNOW. Exactly. 

Beret-wearing French Surrender-Monkey
[14:24] On the other hand… well, not really. 

[14:24] I mean, I guess. Because, HELLOOOOO. 

Beret-wearing French Surrender-Monkey
[14:24] BUT, after all, your mom. 

[14:25] Well played, sir.

P.S. It has not been a great few weeks. I’ve been laying kind of low. I’m hoping that there is some kind of positive change in the near future – I’ll take anything at this point – that will lead me to want to post more than pitiful rants. I will be adventuring to Colorado this weekend, and am counting on indulging in lots of wine and Asians. With my luck, I will get eaten by a bear, but if by chance I do NOT get turned into scat, I hope to have something funner to say next week.


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  1. zak said

    Don’t forget to get on the plane. I would be devastated standing in the airport all by myself with Napoleon in the stroller.

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