Butter On My Sweet Potato

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I like to cook almost as much as I like to eat, but not near as much as I like to snark and spout nonsense. Well, maybe that’s a tie.

I am married to My Favorite Dude, and we have three cats. We are working on adding a human baby into the mix, at which point we will find out if our Cats-As-Caretakers experiment is a success or a failure.

I live in the Houston area, and my job supports That Agency That Straps People Into Tin Cans And Shoots Them Into The Heavens. It’s pretty cool, except when it’s not.

“Butter On My Sweet Potato” comes from an instance where, after shoveling dinner leftovers into containers for lunch the following day, I noticed that John had remembered, unbidden, to add a pat of butter to my baked sweet potato. This struck me as a small but beautiful act of thoughtfulness and love – He remembers that I love butter! – and I may have wept openly gotten a little ferklempt. I should mention that I was under the influence of hormones.

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